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Seller’s Disclosure Statement

The Michigan Seller Disclosure Act requires all sellers of residential real estate in Michigan provide Buyers with a Seller’s Disclosure Statement and to disclose what is personally known about the property, including any imperfections.

If it’s discovered that you failed to disclose an issue or tried to cover it up, your actions could be considered deceptive or fraudulent and you could face a lawsuit. You’ll reduce your risk of losing the sale or possible legal action if you’re transparent about the condition of the property from the beginning.

The seller’s disclosure statement also protects you, the seller. If you’ve been honest about about the condition of the property, any issues that arise later will be documented and ultimately be the responsibility of the buyer.

Sellers are required to disclose only information about the property they actually and personally know. In other words, you are not required to perform any investigation of the property in order to complete this form.

If you do not know certain information requested on the form, you may satisfy the disclosure requirements by checking the “unknown” box on the form. However, sellers are not exempt just because they have never lived at the property. Since even a non-occupant seller is likely to have some knowledge as to the condition of the property, it is not sufficient to simply indicate “seller has never lived at the property”.

You may be exempt from the Seller’s Disclosure Act if you have never lived at the property AND acquired the property through the course of the administration of a decedent’s estate, guardianship, conservatorship, or trust.

CONTACT US if you believe you are exempt.

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