Property Description

Property Description

There is a limit of 800 characters for the property description.
The 800 characters includes letters, numbers, spaces and punctuation.

Submit the property description using the form below. The form will automatically only allow up to 800 characters.

Modern Way Realty reserves the right to make changes to a property description that violates the MLS rules and/or the Fair Housing Act.

  • The MLS does not allow Seller’s contact info in the property description.
  • The property description is to be written as one paragraph. Do not use bullet points or make itemized lists line by line. If the property description is submitted in any other format besides one paragraph, it will be converted to one paragraph.
  • You should refrain from using symbols (&, #, etc.) as they do not always translate well on the MLS or 3rd party websites.

Check out Writing a Property Description for helpful tips.

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