How Does Modern Way Realty Save Sellers Money?

Real estate agents in Michigan typically charge 6% to list a property on the MLS (3% goes to the listing agent – 3% goes to the buyer’s agent). A $300,000 property typically costs the seller a whopping $18,000 in commissions. With our Flat Fee Listing options, you save the 3% listing commission AND you choose how much commission you want to offer the buyer’s agent (1-3%).

From Do-It-Yourself to Full Service, our Flat Fee Listing options save sellers an average of $12,800 while exposing their property to thousands of potential buyers through the MLS everyday.

Not all companies that offer Flat Fee Listings are created equally.
Beware of companies that are located outside of Michigan but offer listings in Michigan and other states. These companies charge you for the listing but then they must refer your listing to an agent that is licensed in the state of Michigan who can list it on the local MLS. You have no idea who your listing will be referred to or what kind of service you will be getting from that agent. We are not a referral service. You deal with us directly from listing to closing. We only list properties in the state of Michigan where we are licensed.

Most Flat Fee Listing companies do not offer full service listings. We offer both Do-It-Yourself and Full Service listing options. With our Full Service listing option we do almost everything a traditional agent does for a fraction of the cost.

Are you a For Sale by Owner (FSBO) in Michigan and already have a buyer but need a licensed real estate agent to represent you and guide you through the sale and closing process? We’ve got you covered. Get the same services as a traditional agent without paying the high commission.

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